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Out of 48919 applications received through form 12D, 37362 forms approved till today: CEO

Shimla. Chief Electoral Officer Maneesh Garg informed here today that for the convenience of voters above 85 years of age and with more than 40 percent disability, the Election Commission of India has provided the facility of home voting in the Lok Sabha Elections-2024. He said that the employees deployed for essential services will have the facility to vote through the Postal Voting Center (PVC) set up at their respective Home Assembly constituency RO/ARO office.

He said that in the upcoming elections in the State, out of total 60,835 voters above 85 years of age, as many as 32370 Form 12D have been received till date, out of which forms of 25,958 voters of this category have been accepted by the Election Department so far.

He said that out of total 57,775 PwD voters, forms of 13,554 voters have been received and 9,394 forms have been accepted so far by the Election Department.

He said that, Form 12D from 2,995 employees deployed on essential services on the day of voting have been received and so far 2,010 forms have been accepted.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that the home voting facility will be provided at the homes of eligible voters from 21st May to 29th May, 2024. Employees deployed on essential services will be able to vote on any one of the three notified days at the PVC established in their home assembly constituencies where they are voters.

CEO said that in the assembly elections held in the year 2022 in the state, Form 12D had been received from a total of 32,882 voters above 80 years of age, while 8,716 forms were received from PwD voters and Form 12D were received from 1,557 voters deputed on essential services.

He said that in the year 2022, 30,908 voters above 80 years of age and 6,426 voters with disability had voted through home voting, while 872 essential service voters had exercised their franchise in their home RO/ARO office.

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